After completing her dual post graduation from Europe in cosmetics and perfumery , Nishma came back to India and started exploring various markets and categories of cosmetics in Indian market.

Nishma says that after returning from Europe, one day she along with her niece went to pet shops to get grooming supplies for her furry friend and realized there is a huge gap market gap when it came to quality, Number of baths / bottle , amazing fragrance and presence of natural active ingredients in any shampoo present in the market.

She realized that in India, it was hard to get such a product which delivers all the above factors. Thus, the idea struck her mind and decided to start her own pet grooming supplies brand. She says, 

The pet grooming industry in India has not seen any innovation in the past many years. We aren't just talking about bad product with bad fragrances but also bad habits around the grooming itself. Zoivane Pets wants to change the pet grooming culture in India “

 THE USP OF Zoivane Pets

As pet grooming range is driven by fragrances and costing, Zoivane pets use fragrances procured by Europe trained perfumer while adding natural active ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat Proteins, Milk proteins, Aloe Vera, Tea tree Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E , Citronella essential oil etc into the products which works gently on pets. The shampoos and conditioners can be diluted unto 10 times by adding water upto ratio of 1:10 (shampoo : water),which ultimately reduces the cost of per bath and fragrance usually stays from 8-12 days depending on breed in addition to that the products are paraben-free.

We also have 3-in one healing balms that are 100% natural and comprises of ingredients like shea butter, bees wax, wheatgerm oil , argan oil which provide instant moisturization and can be applied to any small cut for healing purpose; the presence of essential oils like lemon, bergamot, spearmint and peppermint makes it perfect to fight ticks and flea as well. 

The packaging is also kept very clean and simple with pet doodles on the label to attract the customer, the bottle is white in color in-order to show the transparency we share with our customers.

Any new product which is launched in the market, an extensive survey is done and samples to pet parents, retailers and vet is given , the approved product with suggested changes is launched then.

“ Not many national players are putting their efforts in using amazing fragrances and natural active ingredients but Zoivane pets is doing it in a big way” she adds.



we at zoivane pets , understand what kind of emotional bond a pet parent and their furry friend share, that part is explored and shared with different stories we share on our social media. Over the past few weeks , we have shared how a pet helped a young brother-sister duo calm while there parents fought covid-19 in hospital, how a pet understood when a new baby came in their house and how protective that big brother he was. It amazing to see pet parents enthusiasm and their love for them



After its launch , instead of going online first( which is the latest trend of the market ) we went offline first, targeting retail outlets to get instant first hand experience of the end customer and have expanded in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Delhi since then. Online we listed, Zoivane Pets on Amazon, flipkart and nykaa in June 2020. Though there were huge brands dominating the Indian pet industry, Zoivane Pets with its USP, started generating sales from the beginning thus increasing it to 50 percent every month. Nishma says,

If the product is result oriented in terms of fragrance and claim , the customers does not mind trying new products. The shampoos are available in 200ml, 500ml and 5 litre if incase the customer wants to try the product in smaller quantities. We are confident that we have a better product at a good price, and our sales show that.``

On asking, why the name ZOIVANE PETS says “ Zoivane is inspired from an italian word, GIOVANE which means young , youthful , beautiful so why not make our pets smell and feel beautiful and why an Italian word , because I wanted to add a little bit of european touch to the brand due to my post graduation studies and working experience in the continent" 


The major challenge according to nishma is customer’s perception for domestic vs import products ( if a product is imported it will be better than Indian Made products ) and to educate customer that there is difference in human shampoo and pet shampoo. We have few customers who use their shampoos and soap on their pets and once their skin starts to itch , it becomes so vigorous  that sometimes blood also comes their paws. Pet parents need to understand the pH is different for both the shampoos. 


Zoivane Pets, would be launching new 3-in-one detangling and deodorizing spray which will be available in 3 fragrances ; floral nuances, lavender nuances and fruity nuances. During winters the bath frequency for pets is reduced tremendously but they still stink, so we have come up with product which will not only deodorize but will also condition and detangle the fur.A similar spray with extra benefits of tick and flea will be launched along. 

Along with launching new products, we plan to expand offline PAN India by end of next year.

According to business wire data, the global pet shampoo market size was valued at USD 489.6 million in 2018, expanding at CAGR of 5.7%., making it a global market of  7.6 billion just for shampoos and conditioner . The increasing awareness regarding health and hygiene of the pets among owners is driving the growth, while the India Pet grooming market is expected to grow with a market value of INR 91 crore by the year 2019-20 and the market is further expected to grow with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 30%. The pet healthcare market is expected to curb a market share of more than 2% in India. The sales channel for pet grooming and healthcare products are specialized stores, multi-brand retails and online retails respectively.

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