New Born Baby, Amaira and his Big Brother, Cooper

My most fond memory with cooper is when I got pregnant🤰 , I was carrying one child inside me and already had another one besides me. Cooper started to understand the new relation and supported me, cared about me and accompanied me whenever I moved in the home. Worried about me as well.😊

Whenever I came back from outside, he would get super excited jump over me and kiss my feet , followed me around the room , be with me all the time , he completely understood the change in my emotions and physical appearance and tried to take care of me and would show affectionate. He was gearing up to become the big brother !! 🐾

After the birth of my daughter , his attention , love and concern shifted towards her.💞 As a big brother he turned out to be very protective and possessive one , whenever she would cry he would not let anyone touch her. She have become his beloved human being and I literally have tears in my eyes whenever I see them together.

Amaira always feels so happy whenever he is around and we are definitely blessed to have to a family member like cooper. His unconditional love seems unreal but I’ve felt it and it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world❤️
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Name of my furry friend - Cooper
Age - 11 yrs
Breed - Lasa apso
Instagram handle - @cooper.jenny

Cooper loves to get pampered with 100% natural healing balms enriched with argan oil, Shea butter, Wheatgerm oil and bees wax

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