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7 Problems Only Dog Owners Will Relate To!

It is rightly said that a dog is human’s best friend. You are the luckiest person if you have a dog in your life, but what others don’t warn you about is all the added responsibilities that come along with your cute little puppy. You might think that the biggest dog problem you will face is being overwhelmed by all the ADORABLENESS, and in a way that is a challenge. But, trust us, those puppy eyes, cute paws, and all their fluffy, clumsy cuteness are the least of your concerns! These are the biggest dog problems only dog owners will understand... 1.Early Morning Walks, More like Early Morning Sleep Walking! Do you wish to sleep late after pulling an all-nighter?...

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How To Choose The Right Shampoo for Your Pet?

Our pets are our best friends, and our number one priority is to give them the best care possible!  Every pet has some grooming needs to be clean and healthy. The most important grooming concern for pet keepers, especially dogs, is choosing a shampoo that is just right for them. Shampoos for dogs and cats need to be chosen carefully as they are not only responsible for cleaning their coats but also come in contact with their sensitive skin. Using regular shampoos  can spoil the quality of their coat and develop skin conditions as a reaction to the harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there are hundreds of pet-friendly grooming products tailored to meet the specific grooming needs of your pet! All you...

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Things to do with your PET at home during the COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 has had countries all around the globe enforcing lockdowns to curb the rise in the corona virus cases. This has affected not only your day-to-day life, but your dogs as well! While they are ecstatic about you spending the entire day with them, they’re also going through huge changes in their regular sleeping, eating, and napping routine. It is extremely important for dogs to exercise their mind and body via dog training games. Ensuring it gets adequate exercise will benefit its welfare, confidence, and happiness. In such tough situations, we understand how difficult it is for people to keep their furry partners entertained. Which is why, we came up with 3 fun pet activities during COVID-19 that keep your...

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