Taking care of your pet during change of season

Are you a pet parent?
Are you following the best protection regime for your pet?

Caring for pets is a challenging task and sometimes more demanding in the fast-moving pace when the season changes. We become more conscious and protective towards our pets as they need special care like kids.

The most concerning task is how to protect our pets from seasonal flu and skin infections which makes them irritated and frustrated so much that they even hurt themselves unknowingly.



Seasonal Infections make your pet’s skin itchier and if not treated will turn into a deep wound more prone to skin infections and inflammation. Some Common things to be noted in seasonal infections:
1.Itchy Skin
2.Redness and patchy skin
3.Irritating in interaction
4.They behave weirdly.
5.Loss of appetite
6.Seasonal flu
7.Watery eyes and cough



If you come across all these symptoms it’s time to switch on a complete pet care regime to bring our important members to their normal playful condition. Let us come to the Simple Solutions which will make your pet more healthy, disease-free, and protect from frequent seasonal skin infections.

Tips to follow:
1.Keep your pet clean and germ-free
2.Follow a regular skin cleaning regime
3.Use mild products to protect their skin
4.Keep an eye on pet activity
5.Moisturize pet skin frequently.
6.Check pet skin to confirm infections

Among the top rated pet products we have in the market, ZOVIANE pet products are considered as the best solution in protecting your pet from seasonal flu and infections worldwide. Zoviane pets was launched with a vision to create products for pets that are safe, chemical freehand best for pet grooming at home.



The organisation has a wide range of pet products to minimise the task of pet parents in maintaining the hygiene and health of pets. One such product we have is ITCH TO DITCH SHAMPOO for dogs.

As the name suggests, this product is mainly for seasonal allergies and skin infections that causes severe inflammation and itching to dogs, especially in the spring season.

Made with natural tea tree oil and anti-itching formula this product is the best natural source to treat skin infections, dandruff and itchiness. Apart from tea tree oil this product is enriched with a combination of vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein which soothes skin irritation, promotes healing and re-moisturize dry skin to keep them disease free.

This shampoo is mild and ph- balanced in nature and free from all paraben and harmful chemicals. It leaves your pet skin and coat super soft, clean and excellent smelling makes the pet more cheerful and happy. It is safe for all animals over 12 weeks. The product is available in three different sizes with most affordable prices:

200ml for Rs 290
500ml for Rs.700
5 litres for Rs 4720

You can buy this amazing product from the website directly www.zoivanepets.com Or from Amazon or Flipkart- ORDER NOW!



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