How to Increase Water Intake of Pets during Summers

🐱🐶 ZOIVANE'S Pet expert shares vital ways to get your dog & cat to drink more water during the heatwave

The Met Office has forecasted a prolonged heatwave in India from April to June, emphasizing the importance of keeping both humans and animals hydrated during this period.

Ensuring that your dogs and cats have access to water and shade is crucial for regulating their body temperature and preventing overheating. Experts at Zoivane Pets suggest a clever trick to help achieve this.

Zoivane's Pet Care Team advises scattering multiple water bowls around the house instead of just one, ensuring that wherever pets seek shade, water is readily available to keep them hydrated.

"🐾Paws for Hydration💧 Water, water, water!!! 🐱🐶

  •  Secret and sweet additions
Hiding some enticing ingredients into water is a great method to encourage drinking more fluids.

Additionally, there are various methods to encourage pets to drink more water. Adding enticing ingredients like watermelon, apples, or carrots to their water can attract them to drink more, even when they're not necessarily thirsty.

  • Feeding & Drink Time
Opting for wet food over dry biscuits or treats during feeding time can also help keep pets hydrated. If using dry foods, adding a touch of water to the bowl can make it more appealing, but moderation is key to avoid aversion.

Creating pet-safe smoothies with ingredients such as celery, cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon can further aid in hydration, but it's essential to check which ingredients are suitable for each animal and use them in moderation.

  • Dog & Cat in Heatwave

In hotter weather, pets sweat through their paws and lose more water while panting to keep cool. Therefore, it's vital to increase their water intake and monitor their bowl refills, especially considering their activity levels.

In conclusion, with these simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that your furry friends stay cool and hydrated during the scorching summer months.

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