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Pooja Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Study, Carpet, Sofa, Bed, Curtains, Neighbour’s Verandah, LOL; these are some areas your pet can make a mess of or worse, relieve himself. With the Zoivane Stay Away Spray you can easily restrict your pet’s movement to certain areas in your house. 

Using this is quite simple. Just point the Stay Away Spray at something you don’t want your pet to be around or anyplace you want him out of, and simply spray. Give it a few seconds, let your pet smell it. You’ll see instant results. Your pet will “Stay Away” from the desired area. This spray also helps unmarking marked territory.  Don’t worry, our homegrown, organic formula is non-toxic, environment friendly & completely safe for you & your pet. As the fragrance evaporates, respray in 4-6 hours, if required.

Ingredients used: Demineralized water, Patented fragrance, Emulsifier, Preservative

How to Use: Spray a sufficient quantity in the area where you want to restrict your pet's entry or in their marked area. As the fragrance evaporates after sometime, spray again after 4-6 hours if required.

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