5 Fast Ways of Eradicating Your Pet’s Smell from Your Home

Are you a pet owner who has had complaints or comments from your guests about the striking dog smell in your house? Have you surfed ways to get rid of your pet’s smell? If the verdict for any of these questions is YES, you don’t need to look further anymore!

Before we dive into this, let us first understand why our pets smell the way they do! A pet’s scent is its pride, a source of marking its territory. Their constant drooling, stinky breath have an undeniably unpleasant smell. Moreover, Dogs, just like us, have oily skin, waxy build up, and sweat! That’s a lot of pet odour to deal with!

Fortunately, we have come up with 5 simple steps to eliminate pet odour from your home.

1. Regularly Bathe Your Pet (But! Not too Regular!)

Many pets, especially dogs, are prone to excessive oily skin and bad breath. In an attempt to keep themselves and their surrounding clean, they end up licking several surfaces in the house and leaving their scent in random places.

In such cases, cons\ulting your local veterinarian is the perfect way to gain insight into the number of times your pet needs a bath and their grooming needs.

If you need help picking out the right shampoo for your pet dog or cat, you can get a lot of information in our article, How to Pick the Right Shampoo for Your Pet’s Coat! While baths are important, very frequent baths should be avoided as your pet’s oil gland might overwork due to the excessive washing and as a result, they might end up more stinky than when you first started!

2.It’s Time to Freshen Up Your House!

Fill your house with fresh-smelling things like fresh-smelling flowers, essential oil diffuser, scented candles, air purifiers, and air fresheners.

These things help kill the bacteria and fungi in the air, reduce your pet’s odour, and the flowers give your home a colourful and lively look!

For additional freshness, you can spray Zoivane’s Natural Pet Area Odour Control Spray in your pet’s corners of the room or their beds and enjoy that “freshly cleaned” scent!

3. Sweep It, Then Mop It!

Loving a pet is an easy task, but cleaning after them might not always be!

Pets mostly shed during the summer, in such cases, you might find pet hair all over your apartment floor.

To help your house look presentable and clean, you might consider getting a broom or a vacuum to pick up the pet hair from the floor. Be sure to clean or change the vacuum filter as often as possible.

For better results, invest in a mop. It does not have to be the latest model or even the best brand, but simply a mop, bucket, and some detergent will do most of the trick!

4.Neutralize Everything!

If the first 3 steps don’t work for you, we bet you this step will!

Deep clean upholstered furniture by putting all the removable covers in laundry.

This includes your bedding, linens, duvets, pillow covers, sofa covers, or towels.

Eradicating Your Pet’s Smell from Your Home

5. It’s Time for Some Pet Rules!

We understand that your love for your pet has no bounds. But placing some rules for them in your house, might just be the way to reduce the stinky pet odour from your sofa/couch.

Setting limits such as not allowing them on your bed or sofa, training them to do their business outside the house only, and replacing kitty litter daily help to eliminate some of that pet smell that just doesn’t stop lingering on your furniture!



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