7 Problems Only Dog Owners Will Relate To!

7 Problems Only Dog Owners Will Relate To!
It is rightly said that a dog is human’s best friend. You are the luckiest person if you have a dog in your life, but what others don’t warn you about is all the added responsibilities that come along with your cute little puppy. You might think that the biggest dog problem you will face is being overwhelmed by all the ADORABLENESS, and in a way that is a challenge. But, trust us, those puppy eyes, cute paws, and all their fluffy, clumsy cuteness are the least of your concerns! These are the biggest dog problems only dog owners will understand...

1.Early Morning Walks, More like Early Morning Sleep Walking!

Early Morning Walks

Do you wish to sleep late after pulling an all-nighter? Well, you pet dog has other plans for you! Early morning walks are the most difficult for those who are night owls. Your cute little puppy has to be taken for a walk at 6am sharp, and God Forbid you don’t wake up. You have a stinky surprise waiting for you right outside your bedroom door that will wake you up if you weren’t already awake!

2. There is No Summer or Winter when it Comes to Dog Walks!

No Summer or Winter when it Comes to Dog Walks

Imagine a freezing morning or a burning hot evening and you dog is taking his time sniffing and smelling everything in its way.

No tree, fire hydrant, trash can, or potted plant can escape its laser sharp vision.

3. Dog Grooming is Expensive!

Dog Grooming is Expensive

Every dog owner wants to provide the best care, the best treatment, and the best toys to their precious little goofball, and companies that provide those services are well aware of that. The costs associated with pet products, such as dog shampoos and conditioners, do not come cheap! To add to it, if your pet falls sick, the costs for the Vet, treatments, medicines, are definitely not pocket-friendly.

4.Drool, Drool Everywhere!

Dogs love to drool, especially Big Breed Dogs! They drool when you give them food, they drool when you eat food, they drool even when there is no food in sight.

5. Dogs Are Never Full!

Forget eating peacefully if you have a pet dog. Their cute big-eyed stare has a 100% success rate of melting your heart. At least in the bargain, you learn to share!

6.Fur will Never Leave Your Side!Fur will Never Leave Your Side


While there are some pet dogs who never shed, most dogs do. There is no escaping the fur. You find it all over your apartment, on your furniture, and everything else you own! You never expect the amount of shedding your dog will do, but now your favorite black dress has golden fur all over it.

7. Alpha-Dog Reaction Whenever the Doorbell Rings!

Dog Reaction Whenever the Doorbell Rings

Ding Dong… Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! This is a routine most dog owners are used to. Also, apologizing! The alpha-dog reaction not only keeps aware thieves but scares away some of your friends with a dog-phobia too!


In all, despite all these problems, dogs are a blessing from heaven. They bring happiness, love, and positive energy to your home. Their unconditional love for you makes these problems seems miniscule!

They will protect you with their life and that is something you cannot say for anyone else. The reality is, dogs and puppies are a gift to your life as you are a gift to theirs. Love them, care for them, respect them, and you will receive the same in return!




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