Chiku light of my life

Last time I saw him

Chiku was the light of my life, I still remember the day when we brought Chiku🐶home from Mumbai, he was just a month old.
As he started growing, he developed a personality where he considered me as his younger brother and treated me like that!!🤗😃 He became my best companion

He spent most of the time hanging out with me, watching movies on the couch, and getting baths. I remember he would throw tantrums, like hiding under the bed, if mom gave me dinner before him, that was the sort of quarrel & bond we had with one another.

When he was 7, I moved out to the hostel which made us spend lesser time with each other. At the point when I was leaving back to the hostel, he came to see me at the door and after I embraced him, he pivoted and returned to his room stepping his feet.

Before sun-down, I got a call from mother shouting at me for not saying an appropriate bye to him.😔
He hadn't eaten anything for the whole day and would not come out from the bed...

I refuted however mother put me on a speaker to converse with him. The second he heard my voice, he began yelling and I was shaken and taken aback I had to talk with him and ensure that he ate after attending my call. I was prepared to return around the same time, however, the mother pacified him.

He was 10 and a half when he passed away in his sleep due to chronic bronchitis, right a day before Diwali (2014) The reason I still dislike Diwali. 😔 *Festival of Lights has taken away my light of life. *

I live away from home, but I carry a portrait of him gifted to me by my closest friends.🐶

Name of my fur friend - Chiku
Breed - Mixed breed - Adopted. Mostly Pomeranian and Lhasa
Age - 10 & half years
Dob - 02 April 2004
Last day - 21st October 2014

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