Covid-Pandemic, Maxx and Arushi

Since it's pandemic time, I'll share a story from this phase.

My whole family was detected covid positive including me and my younger brother and we had no clue how to take care of our maxx, as my parents were hospitalized and me and my brother, were home alone with him.

He has always been a fussy eater and usually throws a lot of tantrum when it comes to food and he starts barking when there is any delay for his walk.

But during this difficult time maxx sensed the house vibe and understood the whole situation and for almost 2 weeks(until my parents didn't come back from hospital) he didnt bother us for walks or nature's call. When it was his meal time, we used to keep food for him at the corner and without throwing any tantrums he used to eat. When was his nature's call time, he use to go in the garden in our premises and come back inside. We were actually shocked to see this change of behaviour in him.

That day we understood that maxx ,really understood the entire situation and rather he was a mental support to us. He would quitely come and cuddle us and sit closely while we would just rest. Having him around that time was a blessing. No wonder why I love him unconditionally. Having him in my life is the best decision I've ever made.


Name of my furry friend - Maxx
Age -4 years
Breed -Golden Retriever
Instagram Handle - @maxx_1508

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