Things to do with your PET at home during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Things to do with your PET at home during the COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 has had countries all around the globe enforcing lockdowns to curb the rise in the corona virus cases. This has affected not only your day-to-day life, but your dogs as well! While they are ecstatic about you spending the entire day with them, they’re also going through huge changes in their regular sleeping, eating, and napping routine. It is extremely important for dogs to exercise their mind and body via dog training games. Ensuring it gets adequate exercise will benefit its welfare, confidence, and happiness. In such tough situations, we understand how difficult it is for people to keep their furry partners entertained. Which is why, we came up with 3 fun pet activities during COVID-19 that keep your little one occupied!

1.Devise your own scent games

Dogs love scavenger hunts, and let’s be honest, everyone else does too! Prep for the dog mental game activity by hiding your dog’s favorite store-bought or home-made treats around your home or garden.

Dog Mental Game

Always make sure the place you hide it is in not too narrow or dangerous to ensure the safety of your dog.

Hide & Seek with Dog|PET

Encourage your dog sniff to uncover the treats by himself. Help your dog to find the hidden treasures by giving him small hints such as directing him in the right direction and giving him a lot of pats and love when he finds one! You can even get creative and trap treats under spare boxes or containers to make dog training games more challenging.

This activity is highly enriching for you dog as it helps in training his sense of smell and mind.


2.Do It Yourself Pet Toys

Do It Yourself PET Games

Take advantage of the lockdown to spend some quality time with your beloved pets. You can make some DIY toys using simple dog fun tricks and techniques. For instance, you can make your dog a brand-new rope toy just simply braiding a few pieces of cloth or old towels together and tying their ends.

DIY yourself Dog Games

The outcome… a fun Tug-Off war between you and your pet which is a fun dog trick to watch for the entire family! You can also make a tug toy out of a plastic bottle by wrapping an old t-shirt around a plastic bottle like a Subway sub and tying knots to secure it.

DIY Toys for pet

Our favorite, however, is the DIY interactive dog feeder made from a plastic bottle. To make this, simply cut holes the size of your dog’s treats all around the plastic bottle, sand the rough edges to make them smooth, and fill its treats inside. This will keep your pooch busy by making him work for his treats inside.


3.Play Innovative dog training games

Being under house arrest with no permission for outdoor dog training games, the things you can do may seem quite limited. Don’t, however, let this limit the fun you and your dog have together. Spend some time building an obstacle course to encourage some physical and training exercises.

Innovative Games for PETs

You can line up you chairs to make your pet weave through them. You can even put together some stools or use your coffee table to make a tunnel through which your pet can enter to find some treats laid out at the other end of it.

You can even use some sticks or a poufs to make a low jumping obstacle course for your dog! Spend some time taking your dog through each course individually and then make it complete the entire course together!


In short, the opportunities to have fun with your little fur-ball are unlimited. All you need is some patience and a lot of love. Lastly, don’t forget to cuddle! These are testing times for everyone but there is nothing as soothing as cuddling with your dog.

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