What greater gift than the love of a CAT😻

What greater gift than the love of a CAT😻

That's how the beautiful story begins... 🐾 Newton came into our life on a very auspicious day of Dhanteras, he was adopted and was supposed to reach home on the 27th of October 2019 which was Diwali and our wedding anniversary) but we just couldn't resist and wait so rushed and got the most precious being to our home. 😍🙈

The day he had come we knew he was no less than an angel disguised in a cat's body and we couldn't think of a moment where we didn't think of him as a cat and not a child!!!!🐈
He's our lil boy and will always be my first born , since the day he came we knew we couldn't leave him home alone come what may.
People frequently did say cats are independent but for us he wasn't a cat, since we know how traumatizing it is for a cat to keep traveling as they have motion sickness, but this lil guy since day one enjoyed every ride of his , he used to be this lil energetic fluff ball waiting to hop into the car or his bag to ride on the two-wheeler. 🚴

We slowly introduced him to the everyday traveling with all the safety measures and precautions, with him coming to our workplaces and our place started becoming open to dogs and cats and started feeding the strays , he used to sit and play with everyone around.
Gradually we both being therapists and artists and a social worker, our major work revolves around children and adults with special needs. 🤗
Slowly did he start knowing that people coming for classes either came to learn Mime from Kunal or came for therapy.

During the sessions, he would pose for pictures with the artists and play a few nautanki scenes but when it meant therapy he knows what's going on and will sit by the child or the adult or will just sit across them and look at them. 😻😻

The lockdown has truly been very disturbing for him😔, as he's not interacted with humans or artists or children, no travel, and everything disturbed him a lot, we tried our best to take him for walks, but with the lockdown lifting up I haven't seen anyone as happy as this lil one as he gets his everyday dose of two-wheeler ride to a park or sits by the lake just to gaze. Play with other fellow friends that make him

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