Our journey began in 2020 as Zoivane pets, a pet supplies brand. Since our inception, we have been on a mission to met international pet supplies at an affordable pricing.


Nishma Singhal hails from Delhi and is a masters in cosmetics and perfumery and have completed her EFCM, European Fragrance and Cosmetics Masters from University of Versailles- ISIPCA, Paris, France and MBM, Masters in Business Management from University of Padova. She have also done her B.Tech in Cosmetics from Mumbai.

She has also worked for esteem companies like BASF, Germany, Lakme Lever Delhi, Ayur International Delhi. 


Nishma says that after returning from Europe, one day she along with her niece went to pet shops to get grooming supplies for her furry friend and realized there is a huge gap market gap when it came to quality, Number of baths / bottle , amazing fragrance and presence of natural active ingredients in any pet grooming products, which is made in India.

She realized that in India, it was hard to get such a product which delivers all the above factors. Thus, the idea struck her mind and decided to start her own pet grooming supplies brand. She says, 

The pet grooming industry in India has not seen any innovation in the past many years. We aren't just talking about bad product with bad fragrances but also bad habits around the grooming itself. Zoivane Pets wants to change the pet grooming culture in India “


As pet grooming range is driven by fragrances and costing, Zoivane pets use fragrances procured by Europe trained perfumer while adding natural active ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat Proteins, Milk proteins, Aloe Vera, Tea tree Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E , Citronella essential oil etc into the products which works gently on pets. The shampoos and conditioners can be diluted unto 10 times by adding water upto ratio of 1:10 (shampoo : water),which ultimately reduces the cost of per bath and fragrance usually stays from 8-12 days depending on breed in addition to that the products are paraben-free.

We also have 3-in one healing balms that are 100% natural and comprises of ingredients like shea butter, bees wax, wheatgerm oil , argan oil which provide instant moisturization and can be applied to any small cut for healing purpose; the presence of essential oils like lemon, bergamot, spearmint and peppermint makes it perfect to fight ticks and flea as well. 

The packaging is also kept very clean and simple with pet doodles on the label to attract the customer, the bottle is white in color in-order to show the transparency we share with our customers.

Any new product which is launched in the market, an extensive survey is done and samples to pet parents, retailers and vet is given , the approved product with suggested changes is launched then.

“ Not many national players are putting their efforts in using amazing fragrances and natural active ingredients but Zoivane pets is doing it in a big way” she adds.