Common challenges faced by pet parents

Getting a pet is surely one of the best things you can do, as a pet parent and for the pet as well. As one says “Dog’s are a man's best friend”, Yes, they surely are!

But there are many challenges that come with owning a pet. Well, being a pet parent is not easy and it comes with its own set of responsibilities. A pet parent should also be well versed with crucial details like vaccination and exercises, to keep their pets healthy. 

Below are some common challenges faced by pet parents :-



When you own a dog, nutrition is the main and the foremost thing a dog needs. Choosing the right supplement for your fur-baby can sometimes be very overwhelming because there are endless number of pet food brands available in the market. Pet parents often get confused in choosing the right supplement.

If such a situation arises and you're confused about choosing the right supplement, you should consult a vet or can take some suggestions from other experienced pet parents.

Diet and Nutrition is also very important in the growth and the development of the pet's body.




In owning a dog, you will likely have to deal with some accidents in the most inappropriate places in your house. To potty train your puppy, it could be a very difficult and challenging task. There are many challenges faced in potty training your dog Especially if your dog is a toddler or a pup. Potty training process is where the pet parents need to show patience towards the puppy or the dog because it can take time.

      Yes! Puppy potty training is not an overnight process and you just need to understand that. It can take several days to make your pet familiar with the smell. Best way to potty train your puppy is using potty training spray for dogs for the best results, which can help you in solving how to potty train your puppy.



  Skin problems in dogs and the skin diseases in dog s is a very real problem faced by the majority of pet parents. Especially when it’s summer and if you’re living in hot climatic conditions. Dry and itchy skin of dogs can trouble them. You should always consider consulting a vet if the itching continues and it does not stops.The best solution for dry and itchy skin is using the Ditch-to-Itch Shampoo


Puppies need to have built  up immunization at the age of 6-8 weeks of age and they require vaccine shots for puppies till 16 weeks of age. Some puppies need extra care depending on their previous health records. It is a challenge where every pet parent has to go through as the puppy will need several vet hospital visits and sometimes extra conditioning for his health.

That’s why you should be prepared to face this challenge both mentally and financially as it could take a toll and add up some bills to your expenses.


    Teething and chewing is another common issue faced by the pet parents. Teething occurs   when dog baby teeth start falling off and their permanent teeth start emerging. 

It is a very natural and common procedure that every pup goes through. It is very critical for your puppy's development. It’s also a sign that your pup is growing up. There are some ways to identify the teething issues in your puppy which are not very difficult to identify.

  • Excessive chewing or nipping 
  • Drooling 
  • Small blood spots on your dog’s toys 
  • Red or swollen gums 
  • Fever 

    You can always give them chewing toys for puppies.

    If the problem continues you should consult a vet.

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