Zoivane Pets: An Excerpt

The foundation of Zoivane Pets has always been YOU– The Zoivane Community, our pet parents. It is because Saumya could not potty train her Shih-Tzu Oreo that we came up with the Potty-Training Spray. It is because Tanisha couldn’t keep her Husky “Bohca” away from her Pooja Room that we came up with the idea of a “Stay Away Spray”. We have listened to your problems, your issues, your suggestions and will continue to do so.

As our Zoivane community grows, so does our role in pet parents’ lives. It moves my heart to know when some of you tell me that you could Potty Train your pet within a few days, just by using our Potty-Training Spray, without the help of a professional trainer or that the Ditch-to-Itch Shampoo worked wonders for your pet’s fur.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi said it, but we at Zoivane Pets imbibe it. The team at Zoivane Pets is an extension of this belief. Most members of this team are pet parents themselves; they understand the challenges & adjustments that you & your pets face on a daily basis; a team that works with empathy and concern, they are always available to cater to your questions, issues, complaints & feedback.

Every time you’re trying to teach your pet a new trait, or training him to learn a new potty place and are unable to, talk to us. If you’re thinking of getting a cute, little kitten but don’t know how to take care of it? Wait. Don’t shun the idea just yet. Talk to us, we have just the products for such an occasion.

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