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Potty Training Spray, 200ml

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Potty Train Spray, 200ml

Fragrance: Patented Fragrance

Problem we are addressing : Easy Potty Training

Zoivane Pets strives to revolutionize potty training for all pet owners. Our Potty Training Spray for pets is one-of-a-kind because of its high success rate and numerous advantages. This product is environmentally responsible, encouraging dogs to urinate wherever the substance has been sprayed. The best weighted Dog Potty Training Spray is ideal for dogs of all ages. It may be used indoors and outside to train your dog. The solution is non-toxic, making it completely safe for you, your pet, and the environment.

Potty Train Spray attracts your pet to the potty and urine location of your choice. The duration of the training session will vary depending on your pet's personality. It might take 7 to 28 days for your pet to learn new habits. Always praise and reward excellent potty behavior. You can buy this potty training spray for dogs in India at Zoivane Pets.

How to Use: Sprinkle the Potty Tanning Spray around where your pet urinated, then allow them to smell it. After your pet smells it, give them a treat at home. Repeat the process for 28 days at a different spot. It may be used in any place you want, such as on potty linens, toilet/flooring, terrace/flooring, newspaper, and so on.

How to train the pet to identify the smell of the product ?
Whenever it's their potty or urine time , spray the product near them so that they will identify urine and potty to the smell of the product. Once he sniffs the product give them a treat as a reward

Will this work for feces training?
Yes , it will help the pet getting trained for urine as well potty training. Initially you can begin with pee training then once the pet gets used to it and identify the product then can easily train for potty training.

Is this returnable if it doesn’t work?
Yes, you can return us the product if it is bought from our website.

What type of odor does this product have? Products I've bought have an odor that smells like a dirty outhouse.
The product has a fatty note, which after sometime can't be smelled by humans while it can be smelled by pets as they have 45 times more smelling sensation than us.

Can we use this on their bed?
This is a training spray to attract your pet to your preferred potty location, like a pee pad, post or any of your preferred location

Does this work? I’m having a hard time training my puppy she likes to go on the floor in house
Yes, it does indeed work , just make sure your pet is able to recognise the fragrance in the product. Once they are able to identify the spray’s fragrance to potty all your worries get over and they will easily be trained. The recognition part is the main part which might take from 7-30 days. Please be patient

Can I spray this on the puppy pad?
Yes, of course you can. You can spray on the pads, newspaper or on the floor. Wherever your furry friend is comfortable in passing the stool or urine.

Will this work on an older dog?
Yes, It will. The age doesn't matter, just the pet should be able to recognise the smell

Can I spray this outside on grass to teach my dog where to go?
Yes, if it works for your dog, it is absolutely fine.

How often would I need to reapply the product on newspaper, pee pads or training pads?
Initially spray 1-3 times on pee pads/training pads/newspaper and use the same pads for an entire day. Even though we are not able to recognise the fragrance after few minutes but pets having higher sensation will be able to recognise the smell

How about using artificial grass?
Until and unless your pet is comfortable. You can spray it anywhere

Will this help with pooping in one place?
Yes, it will. Once the pet is trained and able to recognise the smell of the product wherever you will spray


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