Why Cats make the best companions

Cats DO make the best companions one can ever ask for. Are you a first-time pet parent? Do you live in a small, crammed space unfit for a big, energetic dog? Do you work long hours and stay out of your house most of the day? Then a furry feline is best suited for your lifestyle. Before you read further, check this:-

A couple months back my dear friend & colleague Prerna* (name changed) was going through a bad phase in her life, what us millennials call a “quarter-life crisis”. Stuck in a mundane, hectic job in a foreign city, weeks behind on her EMIs, fresh out of a toxic relationship, Prerna found an oasis in a desert; an unexpected respite in ‘Jerry’ – a stray kitten with one eye. As Prerna & Jerry’s relationship grew, so did her confidence, mental health & outlook towards life.


Traces of Cats being revered and worshipped can be traced back to 950 BC in Ancient Egypt. Primarily a Pagan civilization, the Egyptians believed that gods & goddesses could transform themselves in the form of animals. At the pinnacle of their civilization, ancient Egyptians had statues and paintings dedicated to various Gods who resembled felines. The most famous among them was ‘Bastet’, half-feline & half-human, Bastet was known as the keeper of homes, a guardian against disease & evil. She was widely worshipped and associated with womanhood & fertility. Even the infamous Cleopatra had a cat named “Tivali”. Mafdet, the goddess who slays serpents, had the head of a wild cat. Sekhmet, a warrior goddess, is depicted as an elegant short-haired lioness.

Source: Ancient Egypt Online


"A study conducted by Oregon State University sampled felines from across the country. The cats were left for a brief period of time with their owners after which they were left alone before their owners returned. The study found that more than two-thirds of the cats displayed “secure attachment” to their owners."


To categorise, here’s 8 reasons Cats make the best companions for you!

  1. Cats are Low Maintenance

Compared to their canine counterparts, cats require minimal maintenance, monetary & otherwise. Cats don’t require too much training, they can take care of basic self-hygiene, they don’t need to be taken out multiple times a day. Even hairy cats have lower grooming requirements. Unlike dogs, cats are much less needy; they can be fine with their own company even if you’re working long hours outside your house. Know which products to buy for your furry feline, here.

  1. Cats are super-easy to house train

This is one of the biggest challenges dog-owners face. If you have a big dog or a small space then training a canine is much more difficult. Kittens / Cats, in this regard, are much more instinctive and easier to train. Learn how to Potty Train your pet here.

  1. Cats are quieter

If you prefer a quiet atmosphere or if noise levels are a concern for you, then getting a cat is an obvious choice. The quietest “woof” is more likely to be louder than the most insistent “meow”. Just be careful of your feline dropping your favourite vase. 😉

  1. Cats are Independent

One of the biggest factors on potential pet parents’ list is this. Cats, inherently, are super independent creatures. Unlike dogs, they don’t require oodles of attention every day. In fact, cats sleep 10-15 hours each day so you don’t have to worry about them when you’re out.

  1. Cats keep pests out of your house

Felines are wired to hunt, stalk and pounce on their prey, which makes them perfect predators for rodents, mice & pests. Even their scent acts as a repellent for unwanted rodents.

  1. Cats are meticulous self-groomers

Cats are known for being particular about self-grooming. They’re meticulous  creatures who lick themselves clean and are free from foul odours. Still need a cure for bad odour? Get it here.

  1. Adult Cats Make Great Companions

If you are looking for a super-easy-going companion, then an adult cat is the best fit for you. Mature cats are far more self-reliant but will easily bond with a new caretaker. If you have a kid or an infant around, then an older feline will pair better with them as they’re much less likely to scratch, as they’re much more experienced in keeping their claws retracted & they easily take cues from you.

  1. Cats lead to fewer allergies

A surprising, yet vital fact was discovered in a study by the National Institutes of Health. It was found that infants who were exposed to cats were much less likely to develop not just pet allergies, but allergies in general, such as dust, mites, weeds, grass, pollen etc.


"Another study by a US-based University tested both Pet & Shelter cats to see what would they interact with most. The cats were exposed to food, toys, various scents & social interaction with humans like petting or playing. They concluded that despite various myths, the cats chose human interaction the most, followed by food."


However, there’s a fine line between low maintenance and neglect. Be sure to be mindful of the following kitty care tips:-

  • Good quality food, twice a day. Make sure there is portion control. Free feeding or overeating increases risk of developing health problems.
  • Fresh water daily
  • Medical care. This includes vaccinations, vet visits, spaying / neutering etc
    Mental & Physical stimulation
  • Toys, Litter Trays, Cat Trees, Crates, Beds etc
  • Meeting their emotional needs by giving affection & love.

Source: Pinterest

If you would love a loyal, friendly & purry companion to greet you at the end of the day, then a furry feline would be an ideal choice for you. You can get one from a nearby Pet Shop or Litter store but there are plenty of felines that are in dire need of a loving home. Don’t forget to check with a shelter if they have a breed suited for you & your lifestyle and you could give a fur baby a forever home he deserves.

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