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Fragrance: Vanilla and Almond

Problem we are addressing : Smooth | Shiny Coat | Cleans

Ingredients used : Aloe Vera, Pigment extracted from Natural Herbs, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Vitamins

Zoivane Pet's formulated this super-gentle shampoo especially for our finest feline friend who may have sensitive skin, allergies, or live in a multi-cat household. It provides a sheen and luster to coats of all hues. This mild shampoo is ph-balanced to be extremely smooth and gentle for even sensitive cats (which we know says a lot ). Gentle wheat protein and organic aloe vera moisturize the skin, add manageability, luster, and shine. Safe for animals over 6 weeks old. 

From deeper layers, penetrates the skin readily, and is easily washed. It cleans the coat and makes it smooth and glossy from deeper layers. We created the greatest effects with a unique natural vitamin E (pigment and coat health), hydrolyzed wheat protein (moisture, nutrition, and shine to coat), and aloe vera juice (nourish, soften, and heal the skin). 

  • Available in 200ml, 500ml and 5litre
  • Fragrance stays for 7-10 days
  • Dilution ratio 1:6 ( 1 ml product : 6 ml water )
  • No parabens and no harmful chemicals
  • pH neutralized for dogs above 12 weeks
  • Easily penetrate the skin and also gets washed easily and pulls the dirt and makes the coat smooth and shiny from deeper layers.
  • We blended a special natural mixture of vitamin E (promote glossy and healthy coat), hydrolyzed wheat protein (retain moisture, nourishes and give shine to coat ) and aloe vera juice (moisturize, softening and healing properties) to give the best results along with wonderful aromatic fragrance

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