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Did you just get a new puppy? Did you recently adopt a new senior cat? Did you recently move to a new house and feel the need to retrain your pet? Then you’ve arrived at your destination.

Introducing India’s first ever Pet Training Box! The Zoivane Pet Training Box is specifically curated for your pet’s training needs. Inside this box, you’ll find everything you need to train your pet. 

THIS BOX CONTAINS___________________

  • 1 – Potty Training Spray, 200ml
  • 1 – Stay Away Spray, 200ml
  • 1 – Odour Removal Spray, 200ml
  • 1 – Small Leash
  • 1 – 30 minute virtual training session with our certified trainer


A first-of-its-kind, the Potty-Training Spray attracts your pet to the potty / urine location of your choice, it may be used indoors and outside. The solution is non-toxic, making it completely safe for you, your pet, and the environment. The spray has been created from a unique, homegrown formula and is environmentally responsible.

 About: Stay Away Spray

With the Zoivane Stay Away Spray you can easily restrict your pet’s movement to certain areas in your house. Simply point it at something you don’t want your pet to be around or anyplace you want him out of, and simply spray. Give it a few seconds, let your pet smell it. You’ll see instant results. Your pet will “Stay Away” from the desired area. This spray also helps unmarking marked territory.  

About: Odour Removal Spray

The Zoivane Pet Stain & Odour Remover is a strong disinfectant & floor cleaner. The spray solution combats a wide range of germs, bacteria, fungi & yeast. This spray can be used on any kind of surface, be it hardwood floors, furniture, carpets, tiles, textiles etc. The Stain & Odour Remover Spray is effective against dog urine, faeces, drool & vomiting. 

About: Leash

This small leash is your pet’s best friend whenever you take him out for a walk or out to play.

About: 30-minute Trainer Talk

Connect online with our trusted, handpicked trainer for a 30-minute session where you can not only learn numerous nuances of basic training, obedience training, crate training etc but also get all your queries, doubts & questions answered free of charge.

Scan the QR code inside the puppy box, select a suitable day & time slot for you and your pet, and et voilà!

HOW TO USE _________________________

 How to Use: Potty Training Spray.

  • Spray at a desired indoor / outdoor location
  • Allow your pet to smell it
  • Positive Reinforcement: Praise / Reward him with a treat for smelling the Potty Training Spray
  • Be patient, allow your pet to get used to this process
  • Repeat. It may take 7-28 days.

How to Use: Stay Away Spray

  • restrict your pet’s entry around an area.
  • OR Restrict your pet’s entry in any area
  • Simply point-&-spray in desired area
  • Get instant results
  • Also helps in unmarking marked territory.


How to Use: Odour Removal Spray

For Normal Cleaning, use 20ml in 1 litre of water. For thorough cleaning, dilute 40ml in 1- litre water. The Pet's Stain and Odour Remover is safe for pets and people.


How to Use: 30-Minute Trainer Talk

  • Scan the QR code inside the box
  • Select a date & time slot as per convenience
  • Get 60 minutes of personalised training for your pet.



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