Happy Pets, Happy Us - Zoivane Pets was built on this premise. 2 years, 60+ Products & 20,000 Happy Customers later our motivation is still the same; to create a better world for our pets & their parents. We have listened to your problems, your issues, your suggestions and will continue to do so. We wish to help build a society where pet adoption rates are high and no family ever feels the need to give away their pets.


We are driven to educate pet parents on the various nuances of adoption, the breeds best suited for their lifestyle & climate and how to train them with a wide range of Zoivane Pet products. How? Click here.


Our 60+ products are tailor-made to best cater to your Pet parenting needs. As our Zoivane community grows, so does our role in pet parents’ lives. It moves my heart to know when some of you tell me that you could Potty Train your pet within 20 days, just by using our Potty-Training Spray, without the help of a professional trainer or that the Ditch-to-Itch Shampoo worked wonders for your pet’s fur.

Every time you’re trying to teach your pet a new trait, or training him to learn a new potty place and are unable to, talk to us. If you’re thinking of getting a cute, little kitten but don’t know how to take care of it? Wait. Don’t shun the idea just yet. Talk to us, we have just the products for such an occasion.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi said it, but we at Zoivane Pets imbibe it. Our efforts are directed at continuously building a wholesome community for pets & their families. Which is why, we don’t stop at just selling our products. Apart from products & complete information on numerous pet parenting topics & problems we try & give back to the community as much as we can.


We have pledged that every time you purchase a Zoivane Pets’ product, 1 Rupee from the proceeds will go towards supporting the efforts of an Animal NGO or a shelter.


We, at Zoivane Pets are proud to share our journey with Nature Club Surat. 

An NGO that believes in conserving, protecting and preserving nature in its purest form, Nature Club Surat (NCS) was founded in 1985. NCS undertakes various awareness drives, educational sessions & eco-friendly campaigns hand in hand with its 1000+ members & volunteers, a big chunk of which is students from various schools & colleges. Some of Nature Club’s key projects include The Deer Breeding Project, Vulture Conservation Project & Wetland Conservation Project.

You can reach NCS on +91- 9825480908 or visit them at 81, Sarjan Society, Parle Point, Athwalines, Surat, Gujarat 395007