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Potty Training Spray, 200ml

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Potty Train Spray, 200ml

  • Fragrance: Patented Fragrance Note
  • Fragrance: Patented Fragrance Note Problem we are addressing : Easy Potty Training with or without dog trainer's help
  • End Result : Puppy get urine and potty trained efficiently within 7 - 30 days
  •  Pet potty training process consists of techniques, process,treats etc. ▪︎ This spray also helps a pet in marking or setting a Spot for potty / urine location.
  • We can train our pets with the help of this potty/urine training spray without hiring any dog/cat trainers through this three simple steps.

Potty Training spray is a patented formulation with a unique mix of ingredients which helps train pets at pet parents' desired potty/urine location. It is a simple and easy to use product. This product helps training pets with or without the help of trainers.

It's in the nature of dogs and cats that once they recognize their potty and urine smell, then only they relieve themselves.

To begin the process FAMILIARIZE your pet with the patented fragrance of potty training spray and the process of familiarizing may take upto 7-10 days.

Basic 3 steps needs to be followed:

1st step – Spray

2nd Step – Smell/Sniff 

3rd Step – Treats/Rewards

Step 1: Spray

  • For the next 7-10 days , let your pet pass urine/potty at their desired or marked or comfortable place
  • Spray 3-4 pump of potty training spray near the potty/urine spot

Step 2: Sniff/Smell

  • Make sure to let your pet smell the potty training product sprayed near or top of the potty/urine spot
  • Make sure to let your pet smell the potty training product.U can either call there or take a round there so that they get attracted towards the smell
  • IF YOUR PET IS NOT SMELLING or GOING NEAR THE SPRAYED AREA- You can keep a treat near the sprayed area or take them there while playing with them or whistle or snap your finger and call them there

Step 3: Treat/ Rewards

  • Once they smell the product you can either give them a treat or a biscuit or their favorite toy
  • Then appreciate them as a sign of positive behavior

Positive  Impact created by the pet parent    =          Happy Pets and pets easily get trained

NOTE - Repeat this process for 7-10 days


  • On the 11th day , select your preferred location and Spray the potty training spray before they pass urine/stool and let them smell the product
  • PS- the location should be clean and comfortable for your pet
  • start spraying the product at your desired/ decided place and take him there to sniff. As your pet will sniff, slowly he will remember the familiar smell and start passing urine/stool at your desired place


  • Product can be applied on : Training Mats, Pee Pads, Newspapers, Floor or any desired location *if the pet is comfortable
  • Practice regularly and be consistent with the training process to get your pet trained within short span of time without hiring pet trainer.
  • Practice at the current location where pets are currently passing stool/ urine till the pet gets familiar with the smell. Once smell familiar process done then, start practice at preferred training location.
  • Note: Desired potty/urine location/ area should be dry and clean so that pet can smell the product.

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