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Fragrance: Lavender and Green Tea

Problem we are addressing : Moisturizer | Hair-Fall | Shed-Control

Ingredients used : Aloe Vera Juice, Milk Proteins, Vitamin E

The finest antioxidants and skin moisturizers are found in this shampoo. This powerful solution comprises organic aloe vera juice, vitamin E, and natural herbs to nurture and detoxify skin and coat while reducing shedding. This mild shampoo cleans and deodorizes your favorite companion, leaving him or her wonderfully clean and fragrant. 

Aloe vera juice (moisturizes and nourishes the hair while healing and softening the coat) Pure vitamin E (helps maintain healthy skin and coat, reduces flakiness and shredding) Milk protein (reduces itching and dry skin).

How to Use: Dilute the shampoo upto 1:6 ratio by mixing 1ml of the shampoo and 6 ml of water. Wet the coat and apply thoroughly starting with your pets neck and head. Avoid contact with eyes and work back to the tail. Lather well into the coat and keep it for few minutes and rinse with water. Repeat the process if necessary.

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