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This tick shampoo for dogs is  natural  shampoo for dogs and cats  is infused with neem and tea tree essential oils, preventing tick and flea infestation. The essential oil of citronella has long been recognized to be effective and beneficial against mosquitoes, but it's also useful in the early stages of combating ticks and fleas. Aloe vera is a plant native to the American desert that has been used for centuries as a natural soothing emollient. These plant-based components help calm and relieve hot spots and itchy, dry, or chafed skin caused by flea bites, dandruff, etc. This mild shampoo will make your dogs' coats smooth, soft, and glossy. It won't remove topical flea treatments. It's safe to use on all pets over the age of six weeks.

How to UseDilute the shampoo upto 1:4 ratio by mixing 1ml of the shampoo and 4 ml of water. Wet the coat and apply throughly starting with your pets neck and head. Avoid contact with eyes and work back to the tail. Lather well into the coat and keep it for few minutes and rinse with water. Repeat the process if necessary.

Fragrance: Green and Fresh

Problem we are addressing : Fights Ticks and flea| Soothing | Cleans

Ingredients used : Neem Essential oil, Tulsi Essential Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Liquorice extract, Vitamin E

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