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Natural 3-in-one detangling deodouzing spray - ( fruity nuances)

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Fragrance: fresh, sweet, citrus fruits

Problem we are addressing : Detangling | Deodorizes | Conditions | 10,000+ sprays

Ingredients used : Fragrance from Europe Certified Perfumer , Organic Aloe Vera, Licorice extracts, Vitamin E, Avocado 

Natural 3-In-One Detangling Deodoring Spray comes with fresh, sweet, citrus fruits that have the rejuvenating energy of a shower of vivifying dew with the high freshness of petals. It naturally deodorizes, conditions, and detangles coats with the heavenly scents of crisp fruit. This magnificent odor was created by a Perfumer from Europe.

Moreover, the product has organic Aloe Vera, licorices, and vitamin E which moisturize the skin and coat, while mild detanglers keep the coat smooth and tangle-free. Avocado oil keeps the dog's coat healthy. Use this between baths to freshen, condition, and detangle your dog's hair. It is also effective after bathing a dog since it does not contain any animal products. Dogs over the age of 12 weeks are safe for use. 

How to use:

Use between baths to refresh, condition, and detangle your dog's hair. Can be used as a finishing spray after bathing your dog.

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