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Natural 4-in-one detangling deodouzing spray - ( with citronella essential oil ) for ticks and flea

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Natural 4-In-One Tick and Flea Spray - (With Citronella Essential Oil ), 100ml

Fragrance: Grassy and Floral nuances

Problem we are addressing : Prevents Tick and Flea | Detangling | Deodorizes | Conditions | 10,000+ spray

Ingredients used : Citronella Essential Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Licorice extract, Vitamin E, Avocado

This product comes with naturally deodorizes, conditions, and detangles coats with citronella essential oil that fights fleas and ticks. It has various organic ingredients including Licorice, Organic Aloe Vera, and vitamin E soothes as well as remoisturizes the coat while mild detangles help keep it soft and tangle-free. Avocado’s presence is beneficial to the health of a dog's coat.

Use it as a refresher, conditioning, and detangling spray after bathing your dog or as a finishing touch after bathing her with. It's safe for dogs aged 12 weeks or older. Do a patch test on your cat or dog before applying it.

How to use:

Use between baths to refresh, condition, and detangle your dog's hair. Can be used as a finishing spray after bathing your dog.

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