Tips to Train Your Mind for a Pet

 Are you dealing with the same problem? I am the sole example here!!


 I Brought a pet at home six months back. I was totally thrilled with the entry of a new life at home, a cute hairy pup peeping out of the basket and jumping suddenly on the sofa. To our surprise, we found that the puppy was a very active (beagle breed) so we decided to consult a trainer or behaviorist for proper guidance about our furry member.

We were on top of the world the way we feel attached to our smallest friend but something was still bothering us in spite of following the best care regime. The puppy behaves weirdly sometimes like biting frequently or not taking food properly and toilet training was the major issue we were facing.

Our love for pets was so deep that we thought to help all pet parents with the queries they feel while having a pet at home, especially parents with new furry members. We find that most new pet parents were dealing with some common issues like training, feeding, readoption of pets, and pet interaction and activities.

We came across many pet trainers with different views on pet training but we found that our pet was trying to build compatibility with Bhavesh Bhagwani, pet trainer and behaviorist by profession and a possessive animal lover by nature.

Within a short span of time, we observed that our puppy started behaving very friendly by his training and we also adopted some techniques advised by Bhavesh sir to help our pet in getting a comfortable environment for growth and development.

The best part for which we were really thankful was the tips suggested by BHAVESH BHAGWANI if followed by each pet parent seriously will ease their worry about the training of their pet at home.

Essential Tips for Pet Parent:

1) The first and foremost tip is to check that every member is comfortable before bringing a pet at home as a new life when enters at home also requires love and care like a human.

2) The age of the puppy to be adopted should be around 8 weeks to build the best tuning between pet and pet parent.

3) The most essential role play needs to be done is PATIENCE while training your pet for toilet and behavior in terms of sleeping, feeding and socializing.

4) It is very important to consult a veterinary before taking your small pet for a walk outside the home to avoid infections in the pet.

5) A puppy when comes home is very sensitive so it is better to avoid bathing instead try dry shampoos of a good brand to clean and hygiene your puppy.

6) If in case bathing is required make sure to dry the skin of your pet properly to avoid skin infections.

7) To build immunity and growth in your puppy consult a certified vet doctor regarding the proper diet and food prescribed by the vet doctor.

8) If your puppy starts biting frequently keep a check on the food and teething stages and sickness.

9) Pets also feel different vibrations at home. Try to keep healthy environment throughout the day to make your pet feel comfortable and calm.

10) If your pet is not allowing you to touch or feeling uncomfortable with your presence due to some injury or accident consult a good pet trainer or pet doctor to solve this issue instead of doing some unplanned activity for your pet.


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