Raising a pet is, by no means, an easy task. The moment you bring a new member into your family, you’re supposed to have all the answers to all your new furry buddy’s needs & adjustments. Sadly, most new pet parents find themselves underprepared to tackle the numerous challenges that come with a new pet, be it a 30-day puppy or a 5-year-old rescue cat.

This is where we, at Zoivane Pets, wish to step in.

                   Zoivane Pets' Founder Nishma Singhal.

Our Mission

Happy Pets, Happy Us - Zoivane Pets was built on this premise. We at Zoivane strive to create a better world for our pets & their parents. We wish to help build a society where pet adoption rates are high and no family ever feels the need to give away their pets.

We are driven to educate pet parents on the various nuances of adoption, the breeds best suited for their lifestyle & climate and how to train them with a wide range of Zoivane Pet products.

Our endeavor extends to giving your pet the best care, because… Happy Pets, Happy Us.


Zoivane Pets was founded by this dynamic duo - Nishma & Kshitij.

Get a glimpse of Zoivane Pets' journey since its inception.

Meet Our Founder: Nishma Singhal

A Masters in Cosmetics & Perfumery, Nishma started her career in Mumbai with a BTech in Cosmetics Technology. After working with Lakme Lever, she went for her European Fragrance & Cosmetics Masters (EFCM) from Paris. Nishma went on to do an MBM in Cosmetics & Perfumery from the University of Padova. She then worked in Germany for BASF, Dusseldorf. Her work extends to companies like Ayur International, Greenland Pharma & Naturedge ‚Äď a US based company.

Meet Our Founder: Kshitij Singhal

A visionary beyond his years, Kshitij started his first venture with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's restaurant in Surat's first ever mall. He then took over the family Textile business which scaled all over the country. Not wanting to settle, Kshitij created a Third party manufacturing service which went on to attain success beyond projections. His next venture was a challenge unto himself, with zero capital involved. This venture into the Weaving industry was a huge success.    

 Zoivane Pets: A humble beginning

Derived from the Italian word Giovane, which means young & beautiful, Zoivane Pets had a truly humble beginning. Our journey started in September 2020. Our Head Pet Mommy - Nishma’s niece adopted a Shih Tzu named Oreo.

                       Saumya with Oreo


Nishma would often go to markets with her niece for dog products & grooming. Before she realized, the curious entrepreneur in her started asking retailers about various products, their Price Points, Packaging, Ingredients & USPs of various products.

To her surprise she discovered that there was a huge market gap between Indian & International products. The international products were superior in terms of ingredients, packaging and the overall quality, but were expensive. Contrarily, most Indian products were much cheaper but focused less on quality, ingredients and results.

Meanwhile, though the entire family loved & pampered Oreo, they were finding it extremely difficult to take care of him, especially Potty training the Shih Tzu was proving to be an insurmountable task. He would pee & poop anywhere in the house and the smell in the house was difficult to get rid of. Sadly, a few months later, the family had to give Oreo away. 

Creating a truly dynamic brand

Nishma & Kshitij realized that there was a dearth of facilities & products which dealt with everyday pet parenting problems. Nishma's background in Cosmetics & Perfumery along with her knack for research added to Kshitij's vision into creating a brand & bridge a big market gap were essential foundations for Zoivane Pets.

What We Do

We, at Zoivane Pets believe in addressing everyday pet parent problems. The basis of our products has always been to make your life easier. Which is why the Potty-Training Spray, Stay Away Spray & the Odour Removal Spray are our flagship products. 

We truly believe that a pet should be a celebration, not a burden in any family's life. Because....Happy Pets, Happy Us