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Shine and Soft serum

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Is your dog's coat is dull and dry? Let Zoivane's Shine and Soft serum spray give your pet a quick makeover. Made with natural ingredients, this serum helps in repelling dust and dirt, keeping your pet's coat soft and supple. It also makes the fur detangle easily. With our serum spray, your furry friends will be left feeling soft, well-groomed, and smelling good. Give your pet a treat and use our luxurious serum once or twice a week for a super-soft result! 

Who doesn't want a happy and healthy pet to cuddle? It's time for you to get a little help from Zoivane pets. Our serums are great for formulating the perfect coat. We have a variety of hypoallergenic, silicon-based products that are paraben-free and rich in natural ingredients.  

How to Use: Spray the coat evenly over all hair and massage it. After it dries, brush or comb it out and it will be ready for a new day! You don't need water for cleaning, nor should it be used every day. 

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